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Geotechnical  Consultancy

Geotechnical Consultancy

Geotechnical risk is one of the main considerations developers and engineers need to manage in order to deliver a successful project.

In-situ Testing  Earthworks

In-situ Testing Earthworks

Working closely with the laboratory and the consultancy teams, we specialise in working with contractors delivering the placement of engineered fill.

Laboratory  Testing

Laboratory Testing

Our modern testing facilities paired with qualified and experienced staff enables our clients to choose independent testing services, or testing as part of the overall site investigation package.

Contaminated Land

Contaminated Land

Our investigations range from Phase 1 reports, developing the conceptual site model to detailed quantitative risk assessments.



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Modbury, UK

Flood Relief



  • Site Investigation

  • Geotechnical design

  • Flood relief earth dams / bunds

  • Earthworks


SWG were instructed to scope and complete a comprehensive geotechnical assessment for a series of proposed flood relief dams in Modbury, Devon. The works then led on to geotechnical design, working along side an appointed panel engineer. The design included stability analysis and earthworks.


The investigation comprised of a geology and geomorphology focused desk study and mapping with follow on investigation(s) comprising trial pits, boreholes and in-situ testing. Related geotechnical laboratory testing was then completed by SWG’s in-house UKAS accredited geotechnical laboratory.


All the information was then used to develop a detailed ground model. This model formed the basis of the geotechnical design that comprised a detailed appraisal of the suitability of site one fill from a permeability, grading and erodibility perspective.


RocScience software SLIDE was used to provide the stability analysis. The earthworks specification was complete in accordance with the Highways agency Series 600 earthworks. 


modbury flood relief


modbury flood relief


Area 4 South VSC



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