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Geotechnical  Consultancy

Geotechnical Consultancy

Geotechnical risk is one of the main considerations developers and engineers need to manage in order to deliver a successful project.

In-situ Testing  Earthworks

In-situ Testing Earthworks

Working closely with the laboratory and the consultancy teams, we specialise in working with contractors delivering the placement of engineered fill.

Laboratory  Testing

Laboratory Testing

Our modern testing facilities paired with qualified and experienced staff enables our clients to choose independent testing services, or testing as part of the overall site investigation package.

Contaminated Land

Contaminated Land

Our investigations range from Phase 1 reports, developing the conceptual site model to detailed quantitative risk assessments.



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Newquay, UK

Former Hotel, Newquay


  • Coastal Stability Assessment

  • Redevelopment of former Hotel

  • Cliff tops, Newquay


South West Geotechnical Ltd was instructed to undertake a Phase 1 coastal stability assessment to assist with a planning application for the proposed redevelopment of a former Hotel located on the cliff top in Newquay.


Development proposals involve the demolition of the existing hotel building and two adjacent properties and the subsequent construction of a series of residential properties on a similar footprint to the existing, with an additional property to the north.


The coastal stability assessment concluded that although the global stability of the site is not considered unacceptable (i.e. as a whole the site is intrinsically stable) the upper sections of the cliff are experiencing active coastal erosion.  






It was recommended that the proposed buildings on the northern and eastern extremities of the site were moved/ redesigned in line with predicted 100 year erosion rates to ensure the long term stability of the structures.


A geotechnically focussed site investigation was recommended to provide data for the design of foundations and stabilisation works.


Stabilisation works in the form of rock bolts and mesh were recommended along the top of the cliff to prevent further erosion causing loss of the gardens. 

Area 4 South VSC



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